Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in Libertyville, IL from Aras Tijunelis, M.D.

Many women dream of having fuller breasts to complement their figures, but some develop breasts that are loo-large, causing daily discomfort and inconvenience. Breast reduction surgery is available to alleviate routine pain throughout the body.

Dr. Tijunelis provides patients the freedom of reduced physical stress and better fit in bras and clothing through breast reduction surgery in Libertyville. Contact Lake County Plastic Surgery today to learn more about how we can help you achieve a new and improved aesthetic. 

Customizing Breast Reduction Surgery to your Needs

Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tijunelis, welcomes patients for an initial consultation to determine how the size of their breasts is affecting their wellbeing and how issues can be corrected through treatment. All of your options for care are considered, including incisions and nipple grafts. Dr. Tijunelis documents how far breasts hang below the collar bone to determine what methods are necessary to create an ideal aesthetic. 

We aim to provide the most natural results for each of our Libertyville breast reduction patients. This includes symmetry and shape of breasts, as well as the coloration, position, and sensation of nipples.  Good candidates for surgery are those whole have reached a stable weight and do not plan on breast feeding. While it’s not always the case for every patient, those with significantly oversized breasts may require grafting and reduction techniques that prohibit breast feeding. 

Reduction Surgery in Libertyville for Oversized Natural Breasts

Before beginning treatment, Dr. Tijunelis sends a letter to your medical insurance company to approve coverage for the cost of your procedure. Your insurance provider considers how much tissue needs to be removed during your reduction to determine if the procedure is medically necessary. The good news is that this procedure is often covered by insurance for treating health problems caused by large breasts. This surgery provides the following life-changing benefits:

Generally more interest in being active and healthy, as you are not held back by oversized breasts
Easier shopping and fit in bras – spend less money on specialty lingerie
Significantly improved daily comfort and reduction in back, neck, and shoulder pain
Elimination of skin irritation caused by sagging skin

After breast reduction surgery from our Libertyville plastic surgery office, patients love how much better they feel. 

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Our friendly staff is here to help you achieve your cosmetic treatment goals through creating comfortable breast size. Contact Lake County Plastic Surgery for more information or to schedule your consultation for breast reduction. 



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