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Liposuction in Libertyville, IL at Lake County Plastic Surgery

This modern method of fat removal helps to break up deposits of fat cells. Many people have stubborn areas on their bodies that won’t change or tone despite healthy habits. Targeting fat in certain areas of the body can sometimes feel impossible. However, Dr. Tijunelis and his experienced medical staff at Lake County Plastic Surgery offer comprehensive procedures, including fat removal treatment, to give you the body of your dreams.

Liposuction is a surgical method of slimming and reshaping your body to reduce difficult fatty areas. These areas typically include double chin, love handles, saddle bags, thighs, stomach, hips, waist, back, knees and neck. Dr. Tijunelis can treat  these areas with ultrasonic liposuction here in our Libertyville surgical center for a comfortable and satisfying experience that produces results you can see.

During this procedure, fat cells are emulsified for an easy and efficient removal process. Ultrasound technology targets and removes fatty deposits by using  suction for a gentle approach.


If you are bothered by extra fat located on parts of your body that have not gone away with an exercise regimen, liposuction may be for you. Individuals who feel that they have love handles, saddle bags, a bulge in the abdomen, or a double chin have the option to undergo liposuction to visibly reduce these undesirable fatty areas. This form of body sculpting allows you to target fat on your body to greatly improve overall appearance and body shape. The dream to have a proportioned figure is attainable at our plastic surgery office in Libertyville.

Results You Can See with Modern Technology

Dr. Tijunelis and his experienced staff utilize ultrasonic liposuction to selectively seek out fat you would like removed. During this procedure, fat cells are emulsified for an easy and efficient treatment process.  By using ultrasound technology, high energy sound waves first target fatty deposits, which are then efficiently removed using a cannula, or small tube, that creates a vacuuming effect. The use of this technology is not as abrasive as traditional liposuction and removes fat deposits with a more gentle approach.  Ensuring your comfort before, during, and after the procedure is our priority, which is why we have elected to incorporate ultrasound into our liposuction treatment processes. 

Unlike non-invasive techniques from medical spa, such as topical therapy for reducing fat deposits, Lake County Plastic Surgery ensures actual results and can show you the fat removed. We make sure that our liposuction treatments ensure your safety and promote expected results, which allow our doctor to give you the body you deserve with ease. 

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We are dedicated to providing quality cosmetic and reconstructive surgical treatments at Lake County Plastic Surgery. We hope to provide you a customized treatment to shape your dreams into reality. If you have any questions about liposuction or any other procedures, contact our Libertyville plastic


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