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Aras Tijunelis, M.D. Offers Breast Surgery in Libertyville, IL

There are any number of reasons you may notice a change in the shape and size of your breasts over the years. Childbirth, breastfeeding, and weight loss can make breasts appear depleted, and the natural process of aging can decrease skin elasticity so breasts begin to droop. However, these changes don’t have to be permanent.  Dr. Tijunelis offers cosmetic breast surgery to help you regain a firmer and more lifted look.

Options for Breast Treatment

Natural Breast Augmentation/Fat Grafting- Dr. Tijunelis is able to restore breast fullness by taking natural fat cells from donor areas and adding them to breasts. The result is a natural-looking new shape for patients who prefer not to use implants during their cosmetic surgery treatment.  This treatment can also be used during reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.

Breast Implants – Lake County Plastic Surgery offers many different brands and types of implants to help you get exactly the look you want. The latest and most current implants in-use at our office include the gummy bear style, as well as silicone and saline implants by trusted brands such as Sientra and Natrelle®.

Cosmetic Breast Lifts – For some patients, fullness of breasts is not so much an issue as opposed to breasts that appear to sag. A breast lift changes the position of breasts for a more uplifted and youthful appearance.

Breast Reduction - At times, ensuring patient comfort and confidence is about helping to ease discomfort from over-sized breasts. We offer breast reduction surgery to minimize back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as to help our patients feel more comfortable in everyday life. 

 All procedures are out-patient, so you can return to the comfort of your own home to rest after cosmetic breast surgery at our Libertyville clinic.

Treatment Recovery and Cost

Our breast lift, reconstruction, and augmentation patients feel better after one week of recovery and are usually back to their regular activities after one month.  Mature and fully developed results can be seen in one year.

Cost for cosmetic breast surgery is different for every patient, as everyone has unique needs and goals. After your initial consultation at our office, you will receive a price quote the same day from Beth our Office manger. Our office manager can also help you go over options for financing, which includes the use of CareCredit.

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