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Breast Reconstruction for Cancer Patients

Being treated for breast cancer is a life-changing event that impacts your health and appearance. Many women with breast cancer go through lumpectomy procedures or opt for mastectomies and later reconstructive surgery. Lake County Plastic Surgery is your home for skilled and comprehensive breast reconstruction. Our caring team is here to support your wellbeing so you can meet your aesthetic goals and enjoy your renewed health. 

Making the Decision for Reconstructive Surgery after Breast Cancer Treatment

No matter when you choose to seek reconstruction, Dr. Tijunelis and his staff are able to provide care options that work for you. We offer both delayed and immediate reconstruction to accommodate patients who are seeking treatment at the time of their mastectomy/lumpectomy or months even years later.

Dr. Tijunelis understands that this time is difficult for many patients. Breast cancer treatment, lumpectomies, and mastectomies present a loss both physically and emotionally. Our treatments are designed to restore and renew, and to help patients regain a sense of wellness. Dr. Tijunelis loves the restorative aspect of plastic surgery and truly enjoys giving back to those who have undergone cancer treatment. Under our care, we are able to re-shape and re-build breasts after lumpectomies and mastectomies with compassion and expert skill.

Surgical Breast Reconstruction in Libertyville

Our reconstruction treatments help re-create the natural appearance of full breasts. Whether the procedure is an aesthetic touch up to even-out breasts after a lumpectomy, or a full reconstruction for mastectomy patients, Dr. Tijunelis can help. Our treatment options include:

Flap Breast Reconstruction - This treatment involves moving muscle and other tissue from donor areas, usually the stomach, for a naturally restored look and feel. The tissue used in this reconstructive method is your own and grows with you – it’s yours for life.  Flap breast reconstructive surgery is ideal for patients who are still undergoing radiation therapy, as the use of natural tissue does not present possibility of complications.

Reconstruction with Breast Implants - The use of implants to restore breast volume after a mastectomy occurs in two stages. In the first stage, Dr. Tijunelis uses what resembles a small balloon to achieve the appropriate tissue size to accommodate the implants. When tissue in the treatment area is ready for reconstruction, we perfect the finished result with permanent implants. While this reconstructive process is simpler than the flap – it doesn’t create a secondary treatment site – it is often not the recommended course of care for patients who are undergoing radiation therapy, as this may cause skin to harden and become less accommodating for implants. If patients who choose implants for reconstruction do need radiation, we can perform fat grafting treatments to soften skin that has been exposed.

The Breast Reconstruction Process

Completion of a full breast reconstruction can take several months, or even a year, depending on your needs and recommended method of treatment. Dr. Tijunelis performs small adjustments throughout the year to ensure that the finalized result looks natural and helps meet your goals. Dr. Tijunelis often compares the breast reconstruction process to remodeling a house: the demo crew does work in a day, but builders can be working for a year to get things the way the person wants. Our reconstructive surgical process works in much the same way.

Schedule your Breast Reconstruction Consultation – Contact our Office

Lake County Plastic Surgery is proud to provide exceptional reconstructive care to patients who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. For more information about what treatment will work best for you, please contact our Libertyville plastic surgery clinic to speak to a member of our team or schedule your consultation.

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