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Lake County Plastic Surgery

Dear Friends and new visitors,

I am first and foremost a medical doctor.  I hold dearly my oath and commitment to aid those in need of medical care and attention.  

A large part of my surgical practice has always been and will continue to be reconstructive surgery (Cancer/Breast/Hand/Craniofacial/Trauma/Micro).  Unfortunately, I can't cure a virus with a scalpel, but I still have much to offer.  During these times, cancers, deformities and traumas do not cease. I have built my practice on restoring that which fate and misfortune had taken away.  I hope to bring comfort and reassurance when there is misfortune.  I will continue to practice in the same way.  

Current office hours are Monday and Thursday 9-4 and Friday 9-2.

I will be open and available to all via personal and direct communication.  I am still on-call and available to the hospitals of Lake County. I will still see you and treat you as needed.  Feel free to call or message with questions or concerns. 

Dr. Aras Tijunelis

cell 847-687-9104   office 847-968-2401 (limited)

Lake County Plastic Surgery


Thank you for your understanding.

Be safe, be well.


Libertyville, IL Plastic Surgeon- Aras Tijunelis, M.D.
Lake County Plastic Surgery

Welcome to Lake County Plastic Surgery, home to cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, Aras Tijunelis, MD. Dr. Tijunelis and his staff are dedicated to fulfilling patients’ needs and goals with personalized care. Lake County Plastic Surgery offers a boutique-like setting for cosmetic and reconstructive surgical treatments in Libertyville, IL that is unlike any other clinic in the area. We’re a family business that works hand-in-hand with patients for best results.

Quality, Caring Services for Your Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Goals 

During your first appointment at Lake County Plastic Surgery, you’ll meet with a member of our friendly nursing staff and Dr. Tijunelis himself to discuss goals and determine what’s achievable. Our surgical treatments include:

• Cosmetic breast enhancement
• Breast reduction
• Tummy tucks
• Liposuction
• Body contouring
• Mommy makeovers
Post-breast cancer reconstruction

Dr. Tijunelis also offers cosmetic plastic surgery that includes face-lifts, rhinoplasty, and post-weight loss body-shaping treatments.  If you’ve always wanted something done for yourself, to feel more confident wearing certain clothing or to achieve a shape you’ve desired, Dr. Tijunelis and his team can help. We specialize in innovative treatments that turn your goals and wishes into reality.

Have Your Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Completed at our Libertyville Clinic

We have an on-site surgical facility and as well as an operating room. If you’re comfortable and familiar with our office and our team, you don’t have to visit another location for the completion of surgical care. During consultations, new patients can tour our facility and get to know all of our staff. Most of our cosmetic plastic surgery treatments are out-patient – you can receive care in our office, and return to the comfort of your own home to rest.

Dr. Tijunelis has been practicing cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive surgical treatments for 15 years. He is a solo practitioner, not part of a large, corporate clinic, and has a hand-picked staff with extensive experience in providing care for plastic surgery patients. Lake County Plastic Surgery is committed to quality, individualized treatment.

Ready to Achieve the Look You’ve Always Wanted?

We welcome you to call our office for your plastic surgery consultation. Dr. Tijunelis and his staff love helping patients achieve their goals and experience new-found confidence in their appearance. If you have questions about any of our treatments or would like to schedule an appointment, call our Libertyville cosmetic plastic surgery clinic for more information. We serve patients from all over greater Lake County, IL including Lake Forest, Gurnee, Vernon Hills, Great Lakes Naval Base and more.

Saturday: Closed

Dr. Tijunelis is available for virtual appointments evenings and Saturday Mornings upon request for a non-refundable $50 deposit. Call 847-968-2401 for more information.


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