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C.S. - Age 35 

Saw my before and after photos on the website.  I squealed with delight!   I wanted to send you a review that you could post on the website if you wish.  I've been referring everyone I can your way! See you in September!

Dr. Tijunelis is the BEST! Before I had surgery (tummy tuck with muscle repair) I had planned on consulting with several plastic surgeons before making my final decision. However, after my first consult with Dr. T I decided that wasn't necessary. I fell instantly in love with him, his staff and their beautiful facility. Dr. T made me feel so comfortable. He has a wonderful personality, great sense of humor and bedside manor that patients pray for. I had my tummy tuck done on 3-15-16 and I couldn't be more please with my results. He and his staff have taken time and care to answer all my post surgical questions and concerns and never once seemed like I was being a bother. I highly highly recommend Lake County Plastic Surgery. Thank you again Dr T and Staff for giving me my body back and the confidence I had lost.

 D.K. - Age 50+ 

I have had both breast augmentation and a facelift done by Dr. Tijunelis.

My reasoning for breast augmentation was so that I could fit into formal clothing without excessive padding on the top. Although I wear a size 2 or 4, the tops of formal dresses are made for larger breasted women. Summer weekends are spent at the boat. Most bathing suit tops are not made for women who have a small B cup unless they are padded excessively. It is not comfortable to wear a bathing suit or bra full of foam or water.

At my one year re-check for the augmentation, I decided it was time for a facelift. Again, Dr. Tijunelis made me feel that I looked wonderful without any surgery. However, both formal and very casual hairstyles are pulled back from the face. I wanted to be able to look good with minimal fuss.

My third goal was to be able to wear almost no make-up and look good. I now use the Obagi skin care system which Dr. Tijunelis sells. My skin tone is quite even, no wrinkles, no excessive oil.

Plastic surgery has made my life much easier. My body is now proportioned. I can pull my hair back, wear almost no make-up and look good.

I am 100% pleased with my results from both surgeries. I was back to work 5 days after the breast augmentation and 2 ½ weeks after the facelift. I am a registered nurse.

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Tijunelis and his staff. They are very professional, friendly, courteous. All questions are handled cheerfully and thoroughly. Informational materials and websites are provided so that patients can be well informed about their procedures and outcomes. 

T.O. - Age 56

My wife has had several surgeries with Dr. Tijunelis. He is very passionate about what he does and in achieving the patient’s desired outcome. His friendly and professional office staff works with Dr. Tijunelis to provide a very comforting and pleasant environment for both the patient and the spouse. I always felt very comfortable before, during and after each procedure knowing Dr. Tijunelis was our surgeon and I would recommend him to others.


If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who is trustworthy and does an excellent job, then you are on the right website. Dr. Tijunelis is honest professional and truly a great surgeon. I am extremely happy with my breast augmentation, and would highly recommend Dr. Tijunelis to anyone who is looking to have plastic surgery.



Over the past six years, four generations of my family have been patients of Lake County Plastic Surgery. After I experienced a significant weight loss, Dr. Tijunelis worked his magic to remove excess skin and restore my body to an attractive state. He is up on the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures, caring and compassionate, has excellent bedside manners and a great sense of humor. I would highly recommend Dr. Tijunelis to anyone requiring cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.


Hi! My name is Blanca and in September, 2005 Dr. Tijunelis changed my life when he performed a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck on me. I never thought I could look this good. In the past, some of my friends have had this procedure done with other doctors and to me they just looked average. I feel like another woman now, young, pretty and full of energy. The trip to the gym with shorts and little clothing is not troubling anymore. In fact, I feel confident. If you or your friends have any questions or fears about these procedures performed by Dr. Tijunelis take a look at my picture and do not wait any longer. There was no pain during the procedure and the post surgery discomfort will dissipate in a few days. Dr. Tijunelis, I thank you for making me a woman full of energy and confidence!


Dr. Tijunelis performed breast reduction surgery for me on Thursday, 12/29/05. As the swelling has gone down I continue to be absolutely thrilled with the results! I felt very good after the surgery. There was no real pain, only minor discomfort. I went to a New Years' Eve party on Saturday and back to work on Monday. Dr. T. was totally right in all his recommendations (size, etc.). He did such a good job that people ask me only if I have lost weight. My breasts look wonderfully natural. I am now 56 and I'm "perky" again. My breasts haven't been perky since I was 21! Dr. T. is always upbeat, positive, and unhurried for all my office visits. I have also already recommended him to other women who are considering this surgery. And when it comes time for my tummy tuck I will be back to see Dr. T.

Debi - Age 50+

I had a lumpectomy for breast cancer in November of 1999. When I reached the 5 year cancer free mark I decided to have my right breast reconstructed. At first I thought this to be an act of vanity. However, since the surgery has been completed, I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to purchase a bra "off the shelf". Clothes fit better and I wonder why I waited so long!

Dr. Tijunelis did an awesome job. The surgery was pretty painless. I had 3 procedures. The first to stretch the skin, the second to put in the implant, and the third to lower the implant and some liposuction to help the reconstructed breast "droop" more like the left side!

Now 2 months past the final surgery I have almost no scar, can buy a bra that fits, and dressed I look like I have two normal healthy breasts (which I do!) 

S.T. - Age Late 20's

Dr. T is the BEST!!! "Having given birth to my children left me with a pouch of unwanted loose skin. After months of considering getting a tummy tuck and consulting with several surgeons, I decided to have Dr. Tijunelis perform this life changing procedure. I immediately felt comfortable making my initial consultation, and in discussing my expectations of the procedure. Dr. Tijunelis was able to answer all of my questions, easing all of my concerns. Dr. Tijunelis, staff, and the entire experience were awesome and I have recommended him to all of my friends."


I first started investigating an abdominoplasty over 3 years ago. I read website upon website and participated in a chat room with other tummy tuck women. The most important thing I learned was that you have to really know your surgeon and his/her credentials and that said surgeon must be board certified. With that information in hand, and after many phone calls, I decided to visit 3 surgeons in my area. 1 was not board certified and 1 had terrible bedside manners. The third, however, was Dr. Right!! Dr. Right turned out to be Dr. Aras Tijunelis of Libertyville, IL. From the first moment I saw him, I was ease. From all the information I had gathered over 3 years of research, I had many questions and concerns. Dr. Tijunelis answered all of my questions, explained everything in language I could understand, and never once made me feel inadequate or ashamed of my body. He never made me feel uncomfortable with my body and was extremely confident that he could help me get the results I desired.

My surgery went great. I had very little pain and a quick recovery period. I am looking forward to this Fall when he will perform my next set of surgeries. I have already recommended him to my friends and family and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, caring and supportive surgeon. 

J.P. - Age 47

Dear Dr. Tijunelis,

Making the decision for bilateral mastectomy was easy at that time. I wasn't thinking about anything but getting the cancer out of my body.

I opted for the expanders and saline implants. I wanted to be back in my daily routine as fast as possible with the least time off from work. A tummy tuck would have been nice but I can work on that at the gym.

I so appreciated having you as my plastic surgeon. You were always genuine in your discussions about what was realistic to do and about how the outcome would look. You were very easy to share concerns and thoughts with. From my exposure to you, I think you are just a really sincere and gentle man. It completely reflects in your physician/patient contact.


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