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Non-Surgical Procedures What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Your body can heal itself after a cut or when you break a bone. However, when it comes to chronic co...

Jan 26 • 2 min read
Reconstructive Surgery How Tissue Expansion Supports Successful Reconstructive Surgery

Tissue expansion is the stretching of soft tissues and skin and is usually performed before reconstr...

Jan 19 • 2 min read
Non-Surgical Procedures 7 Simple Tips for Healthier Skin

Are you worried about the condition of your skin? There’s no doubt that glowing skin is at the...

Jan 12 • 3 min read
Non-Surgical Procedures How Laser Therapy Is Changing Cosmetic Surgery

For patients who want to improve their appearance, laser surgery can be a quick, minimally invasive ...

Jan 5 • 2 min read